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So, here's a list of made up organizations for RPs and stuff XD Some fan-made, other's more original :3 enjoy

Mangano Family: Don: Samuele Mangano. Consigliere: Rocco Palmisano. Underboss: yaba MyIcing. Caporegime(s): Ciccio Cosimo Corbenelli. Doffo Spini. Made Men: Tony MyIcing and many others. Members: Over the estimated 50,000. Territory: Stretching from Europe to the Americas, Australia, and some parts of Asia. Home Planet: Earth. Type of Organization: Crime Family/Mafia. Story: Founded by Cero Mangano in the industrial revolution (1898 to be exact.), the Mangano Family held it's grips mainly in Sicily and Southern Italy until Cero Mangano retired in 1963 (aged 86 at the time). It was then passed onto Samuele Mangano, who began making moves outside of Italy, eventually expanding to Western and northern and even Eastern Europe and other parts of the world. Between the years 1963 to 2007, the Manganos have managed to acquire over 50,000 + members worldwide, proving to be one of the most powerful families in the world. Dangerous as well. Being ruthless, the Manganos were at an all time weak point during the 2nd Italo-Turkish war (1994-2007). Where Mangano's former Underboss(s) and Caporegimes and even his past Consigliere had tried to sell him out to the American FBI, CIA and even Italian Authorities/Police. Samuele by that time had hired his new (and current) spots in the family, yaba MyIcing (Underboss) Rocco Palmisano (Caporegime) Doffo Spini and Ciccio C. Corbinelli (Capos) and a new made man (Tony MyIcing) along with many other made men, associates, enforcers and even Outsiders. In 1967 Mangano expanded into America, through Chop Shops in Southern Florida/Miami/Key West and then up to New York, and even some parts of California. Mangano also had deals with Cuba and Cuban officials even into Havana. His tight grip on Post-revolutionary Cuba has become a good source of income for the family, with Doffo being the political dealmaker of the family, shipments of Cuban Cigars (particularly Cohiba-branded Cigars) are smuggled into Canada and South America, distributed to officials, gangs and cartels there, and then distributed to the US eventually. Other trades include drugs (mainly cocaine), extortion, chop shops, murder, revenge killings, assasination (both crime and political) illegal smuggling of arms and Mangano Soldiers into other countries, and gambling and finally diamond, gold and platinum smuggling. On top of that, fronts include film studios, adult film studios, car show rooms, factories, and even tobacco farms and diamond mines. The Mangano family is very secretive and for good reason too. Very few people have ever testified against the family, and those who did eventually went "missing" at the hands of Ciccio C. Corbinelli, or Doffo Spini, the family sniper as well. Don Mangano rules with a mighty fist of power, but he does not own the whole world. There are 2 other main organizations on Earth which divide the criminal empire up with him.

Valdini Family: Don: Carlo Giamo Valdini. Consigliere: Unknown. Underboss: Unknown. Caporegime(s): Unknown. Made men: None officially known by name, but estimated to be in the thousands.  Members: 45,000 estimated. Type of organization: Crime Family/Mafia. Territory: Mainly the Americas, Europe and Latin America. Weak influence in Asia, medium influence in Australia. Home Planet: Earth. Story: The Valdini Family started back in New Jersey back in 1918, a few years before prohibition. Originally it was ment to be a union for Sicilian immigrants who needed jobs, and fair treatment. But the Prohibition of Alcohol in the 20's and early 30's turned the organization to a much darker side of crime. From smuggling Alcohol to Amphetamines, the family turned crime. At the end of Prohibition, the family was well organized and turned to other vices such as drugs and gambling and prostitution. Using the Valdini slaughterhouse in New Jersey as a front for their illegal activities, construction was also a front, legend has it every structure built in New Jersey and the city of New York that was built or assisted by the Valdini Construction Co. has at least one body buried under it. The Valdinis mainly rival the Mangano Family as far as Mafia rivalries go. Constantly getting into wars over territory when Mangano moved to America in 1967, eventually the once powerful family was pushed out of the New York boroughs of Brooklyn and Manhattan. To make up for it, they have territory in Queens, the Bronx and a bit of Manhattan. Even some in Florida, Las Vegas, Nevada and California. Carlo is short tempered and brutal and is not afraid to get into a gun fight to aide his soldiers in battle. His international affairs include: Prostitution, drugs, illegal shipment of goods, and arms, and piracy. He is often considered the 2nd most powerful Don in the world next to Samuele Mangano.

De LeBelle Family: Leader: Pierre "Diamant" De Lebelle. Type of organization: Crime syndicate/Crime Family. Home Planet: Earth. Territory: France and other parts of Europe, Latin America, Northern America, the Pacific west, the Caribbean, Dubai, and Asia (mainly China, Thailand, Japan and Hong Kong). Story: Pierre De Lebelle's father made his money in oil drilling and diamond mining, after he made millions and Pierre took over his father's business in 2006, Pierre found that organized crime and the black market paid a great deal better than honest business. Therefore, Pierre began to deal in organized crime, eventually having a high ranking syndicate/crime family. All in a matter of 4 years, by 2010 the De Lebelle Family had all of it's current territory and an estimated 60,000 + members. Pierre mainly deals in diamond smuggling, but other vices of his crime family include counter fitting money and clone meds, as well as prostitution and human and drug trafficking, construction as well as trafficking high speed and modified cars, such as Lamborghinis, Ferraris and Bugattis. Pierre is known to be fair if anything as far as crime and punishment within his organization goes. His organization has also worked closely with the CIA, and other government agencies in order to maintain his power. The De Lebelle family can make a man disappear in a heartbeat. He is often considered the number 1 criminal as far as organized crime goes and is very dangerous. He is also bi-sexual, and is open about it. Saying that Mafia families with prejudice against homosexuality and bi-sexuality are "Great businessmen, but horribly closed minded". Pierre is often considered the main link to organized crime in the world and is very dangerous according to most government organizations. He also uses clothing and jewelry stores around New York's diamond and shopping districts as fronts.

Intellectual Intelligance Agency. Home Planet: Corneria. Type of Organization: Civilian Foreign Intelligence Service of Corneria, dealing with Inter-planet affairs. It deals with intelligence from around the Lylat solar system (sometimes intergalactic too). Story: The IIA is basically to Coreria and the Lylat solar system (and the galaxy to which Corneria is in) what the CIA is to The United States of America and Earth. Acting as a central intelligence agency as well. Helping out Team Star Fox with any information it has on people of interests (such as Andross and Wolf O'Donnell) But it has been known to have private deals with Team Star Wolf and other higher-ups in criminal organization for exchange of information and goods. (Much like the CIA's dealings with criminals in order to get information and money to better off the least in their eyes). They dfo mainly deal and go hand and hand with Team Star Fox though, mainly helping them out with missions and people of interest (like how the military and the CIA will work together on Earth). It is important to know that the agency is not a law enforcement agency but an intelligence agency, focused on gathering inter-galactic intelligence with little use of a law enforcement-like system. Often rivals with the Bureau of Well-being (the BOW) as the CIA and the FBI are on Earth.

Bureau of Well-being. Home Planet: Corneria. Type of Organization: The BOW to Coeneria is what the FBI is to the United States of America. It is the domestic intelligence and security service of Corneria, which simultaneously serves as the planet's prime government law enforcement organization. Story: The BOW was formed back in James McCloud's day, to help keep the streets of Corneria and other cities in the Lylat solar system clean of crime, working along with Star Fox on domestic affairs, the BOW has managed to catch many domestic criminals and get rid of many organized gangs. It is well-established rivals with the IIA, and very bitter with criminals such as Wolf O'Donnell, while the IIA prefers to work with criminals like him in order to get a greater good. Sometimes a corrupt member will pay out to a Cornerian mob family in order to help them run things in Corneria's criminal underworld. But that's another story. They are known to act (and be for that matter) a well-established level above the police force of Corneria and other cities. Yet one rank under the IIA and under Team Star Fox.

The Riccitello Family. Home Planet: Corneria. Members/Associates/Enforcers: 15,000 + Don: Paulotello "Paulo" Riccitelli. Consigliere: Baldo Provenzano. Underboss(s): Unknown. Caporegimes: Luchino Uliarri. Soldati: Unknown. Story: The main players of Corneria City, started in the late 50s by Paulo's grandfather, Dino Riccitello, and handed to him in the late 2000s following his father's death, Paulo maintains influence through out Corneria with an iron fist. More street criminals than anything, Paulo's family has traces back to Sicily on Earth, but of course has more Cornerian influence than anything. Paulo is young, spoiled and a bit arrogant. Yet he manages to influence power on local street gangs and keep his head above water. As with every Don of a family, he manages himself. Paulo's men mainly consist of his best friends (Baldo and Luchino) who then hired more muscle that can handle themselves. People of trust who know how to keep their mouths shut. The family operates mainly in Corneria's larger metropolitan areas. Having rackets and fronts such as restaurants and car show rooms. Mainly they deal in gambling, loan sharking and arms dealing. Little is known to the BOW and other law enforcement agencies about them, but from what little is known, agents from the BOW (or "Beds" as the Mob refers to them as) Are always investigating. Only to be either paid off or killed by Riccitello and his men. Paulo also has influence in local politics, corrupting judges and politicians to get his way, he is a force to be reckoned with. The Mafia itself styles itself after the 1960's American Mafia, as far as clothing and style goes. Though Mafia families have no official color, and are quite distinguished from local street gangs, members are usually seen dressed in flashy outfits, with a bit of cyan or light blue in there, rather it be a tie or a shirt.
Organizations (for RPs XP )
Just some ideas I've come up with to better organize the organizations within my writings and RPs XP 

Star Fox, Corneria, Star Wolf, Andross and all that good stuff is owned by Nintendo. 

Samuele Mangano, Doffo Spini, Ciccio Cosimo Corbinelli, yaba & Tony MyIcing, Carlo Giamo Valdini, Pierre De Lebelle, Paulo Riccitellu, Baldo Provenzano, and Luchino Ulliari are owned by yaba MyIcing (me XP)
  1. How long have you been on DeviantArt?

Oh man, at least like 5-6 years now? XD

2.      What does your username mean?
It was an inside joke in the Gmod community at the time, so I thought I'd use it :3 as you can see it's turned more into just a Half Life 2 Gmod joke to me XD

3. Describe yourself in three words.
Loyal, Calm and a bit crazy XD

4. Are you left or right handed?
Right handed. My left hand is my worst hand XD

5. What was your first deviation?
Brian and Jenny tickle fightOne Day Jenny Griffin & Brian Griffin were hanging out in a park as they got border & border too bored to go to sleep or anything Jenny was wearing her Pink tank top with her jean shorts while Brian was wearing his red collar.
Jenny: ugh im soooo bored! are you bro?
Brian: yeah im bored too!
Just then Jenny had an idea.
Jenny: hey bro.......
Brian: yes?
Just then Jenny Tackled Brian & sat on him.
Jenny just smiled & said "have a good laugh!" as then she started tickling Brians ribs.
Jenny: well yeah it does since your laughing! TICKLE TICKLE TICKLE!!
just then Brian was able to reach Jenny's exposed belly sides and he began to tickle her
Brian: Not so tough now huh?
Brian: you didnt stop when i asked

From all the dates I looked at, this one XD

6. What is your favourite type of art to create?
I havent created art in years -w- but my favorite kind to see is tickle~ :3 

7. If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be?
Any art style which is way better than my tracing skills which I trace from myself x3x

8. What was your first favourite?
Brian isn't a sticklerTITLE- Brian isn't A stickler for A tickler
PLOT- Brian meets a woman who he thinks is perfect. Until he sees her odd obsession.
*Its a beautiful night in Quahog. Brian and his date are in a restaurant
Brian- So tell me about yourself Theresa?
Theresa- Well I'm a substitute teacher for the local middle school and things are going great.
*Theresa takes the basket of bread sticks on there table and starts dumping it in her purse. Brian looks in shock.
Theresa- I mean I don't always work 5 days a week so I have more time to myself.
*Theresa takes the bottle of wine on there table and puts it in her purse.
Theresa- I mean I might not get as much respect as real teachers but I get by.
*Theresa starts to cry. A waiter walks by and drops off there food. Theresa takes all the food and runs out the door.
Brian- (sigh) Check please!
*The next day the whole family is eating breakfast in the kitchen.
Lois- So Brian how was your date with Theresa?
Brian- Lets just say she made Britney Spears look n

9. What type of art do you tend to favourite the most?
Tickle/Paw art...-///- what do you expect?

10. Who is your all-time favourite deviant artist?
:iconIrkinsGIR: and :iconauramaster-lucario:

11. If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be?

Oh man...:iconauramaster-lacario: :icondeadslayer197: :iconbeatleboysam: and the rest are on FA now XD

12. How has a fellow deviant impacted your life?
:iconauramaster-lucario: Is one of my best friends, so is :icondeadslayer197: and :iconbeatleboysam: They are my best friends on this site and I wouldn't have made it with out them ^^

13. What are your preferred tools to create art?
Pencil..and paper? XD

14. What is the most inspirational place for you to create art?
*shrugs* I guess at home XD

15. What is your favourite DeviantArt memory?
Meeting my friends ^^

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Personal Quote: Fuuuuuuuuck Everyone. *beeeeeeeeeeeeeelch*

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