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For those who dont know by now, I'm just about done with DA. I have like barely 2 people of whom I talk to on here nowadays. Most either have drifted, or note me one minute and disappear for the next 8 months. Personally, I joined DA when I was young, way back in the day. But now? It's nothing more than a dumping ground, a dumping ground for people ranging from children to preteens and mid-teens, preteens randomly noting me to try and RP or dumping their opinions of what I like/do or whatever on me. Personally? I dont care. I'm much too old for pointless argument and trying to tame rabid preteens on this site with words of sense. You cant talk sense if the other party chooses to reject you. You cant reason with immaturity, like with scotch, you can only wait for it to become smoother. Way back when, right after :iconsassysnake: "disappeared", for those of us who remember that far back, in 2009, where the most exciting GTA was GTA 4 and Twitter was just born, and Christ I think... Breaking Bad was JUST like taking off, but you get the point (for those of you reading this). Point being, a lots changed on DA, and frankly, I don't really want to be associated with it directly anymore. I mean, the furry-tickle/paw community here? Taking a beating, that's all I'm saying on that matter. Now, I'm not gonna go and say the big "I'm done with DA forever and ever until the devil comes up and makes veal chops" speech. I mean, I dont even update this site anymore, the majority of my posted stuff here is well-beyond out-of-date. Hell, for those who remember far back enough to when I posted "pictures" (not going to cal it art...was more like traces of the EXACT. same. fucking. character. in different outfits). If I do ever post anything here ever again, it will probably be some commissioned artwork from over on FA or somewhere. But that's in the distant future. I mean, the amount of children, preteens and child-minded adults here is just...crazy. I mean look at that petition site, I cant tell you how many ridiculous petitions I've seen there, from OriginalCharactersX<InsertCeleberityHere> to a petition for film studios to make new movies on something that never really warranted a sequel (or was even a movie in some cases). I thought petitions were a political matter, not a demand list. But! That's just me looking waaaaay to deep into shit, I'm not here to bash anyone, and what not, otherwise I would play the whole "Oh <insert name here> Grow up!" like a damned child. I mean hell, I still have those 2 people I talk to here, and you know who you are. I'll stay around to talk to them, and check out some DA exclusive artists, because there are still some artists who are good on here. And no, I'm not deleting my account (at least not now), this isnt goodbye either, because the majority of you know me on other sites or even more personal than that. I'll still be around, I just won't be I'll still favorite things, lurk around, and maybe even the occasional comment if that art's REALLY good. But, aside from that? DA's just dead. Dead to me, and dead to those from my generation who dont use it often. Hell, I started off as a weirdo with a fetish for Brian Griffin (No's DA? What'd you expect?) now, I'm just that furry who keeps to himself X3 I wanted to make it big with like 1 million friends like :iconsassysnake: or ZP92 (back when he was Ticklishways) or SorcererLance , or one of my favorite artists, IrkinGIR. I was such a young child myself back then, but I matured. Now here I am, cutting out DA. 7 years later, still small-time. Still in my own corner, and still stressed. Kinda sad, looking at it from a perspective...but on the other hand, maybe it's better being small than having a million people screaming for art and ideas and shit...Eh, who knows? I definitely wont. If you read this far, thank you...means a lot to me having someone who cares that much. For those who didnt? There's a TL;DR down below.

TL;DR - Done with DA, not deactivating my account just yet, as there are still a few people from which I talk to on here. I WILL be on to fav and what not. Too many damned preteens who think they know the world on here and acting like they own the world just because they weren't parented right.

So, in short, as Robert De Niro once said in conclusion to Casino,

And that's that.

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United States
name : yaba MyIcing
species: Dog
theme song: Various songs x3x
weaknesses: Tickling and paws -////-
favourite movie: Scarface,Saturday Night Fever
favourite song: Too many disco songs to choose from x3x
Girlfriend/Boyfriend: Eh...non really, now close friends who I'd make love to? That's another story.

Current Residence: The Middle of Fucking No Where, Nice Clean Air, AZ
deviantWEAR sizing preference: ???
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Favourite genre of music: Classic Disco
Favourite photographer: None.
Favourite style of art: Tickle |3
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Skin of choice: ???
Favourite cartoon/video game character: Wolf O'Donnell,Krystal (isn't she on every furry's list now a days? XD ), Fox McCloud, Falco Lombardi Lucario, Brian Griffin, Jasper Griffin, Vinny Griffin, New Brian, and Charmeleon :3
Personal Quote: Fuuuuuuuuck Everyone. *beeeeeeeeeeeeeelch*


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